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The hologram of a Mosaic

Artwork "La Casetta di Giosetta"

The Holographic QuVi projector hosted the projection of the hologram of “The House of Giosetta”, the Fioroni Giosetta mosaic artwork exhibited at the Ravenna City Art Museum.

On a small house with sloping roofs, a figurative story is taken from a dreamlike or fairy-tale world. At the center of the narration are elements that recur in the pictorial and sculptural works of the artist, such as the moon, the hand , the stairs, the door, a fantastic creature. The mosaic work, so conceived, is linked to a series of watercolors dedicated to the world of childhood and to the production of boxes, houses and theaters in polychrome ceramic made by the artist over 90s (GIOSETTA FIORONI 2005, GIOSETTA FIORONI 1999). “

Ologramma de "La Casetta di Giosetta"

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