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Who's talking about QuVI?


“QuVi. Dario Scalini invented the machine that allows to project three-dimensional people” by Federico Spadoni


It was 1977 when the hologram of Pricess Leila appeared at the cinema in front of Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, projected from the little C1-P8. The first chapter of Star Wars on the big screen fully came into the history of special effects while the sci-fi universe of George Lucas created an imaginary world of unimaginable technologies for real life, which arrived today essentially unchanged. No coincidence that this is the example that Dario Scalini mentions when asked to explain what the QuVi is. Neither more nor less, it is like the car that realizes what was going on in the Hollywood saga 40 years ago…


“OcLab, the start-up of Ravenna that produces holograms”  by Sergio Luciano

There is something magical, and with smells of business: it is called QuVi and it is the latest-generation holography projector “animated” by OcLab, a digital start-up from Ravenna and even grown in the Mechatronic Hub of Trentino Sviluppo in Rovereto: “Yes, no dubt we made the ubiquity myth”, jokes Dario Scalini, vice president at OcLab who attended the round table on the start-up stage of Ravenna by Panorama d’Italia, and not far from the “workshop-studio” where he galdy shows a “live” QuVi.


Holograms are reality! Some italian startups play this game” by Marco Consoli

…” This technique is also base of some cost convenient solutions, ideal for retail or museum environments….such the QuVi projector of OC Lab, Italian startup based in the Mechatronik Center in Rovereto, that supplied the Fondazione Opera Campana with an installation that showed Ennio Morricone’s Hologram…”

Hannover Messe 2018

QuVi inside the Video of Hannover Messe 2018…

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