MAR - Museo d'Arte Città di Ravenna - QuVi

MAR - Museo d'Arte Città di Ravenna

MAR – Museo d’Arte Città di Ravenna

MAR has given space to the new OC technologies for innovative and multimedia enjoyment of artworks: the holography of the QuVi project at the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Ravenna.






The hologram of a mosaic artwork

The MAR of Ravenna in collaboration with OC has made possible the use of an artwork turned into an animated multimedia object with holographic appearence.

OC has developed two three-dimensional works in the Collection of Contemporary Mosaics: “La casetta di Giosetta” by Giosetta Fioroni, and il “Mobile Aulico” made by Studio Alchimia and Luciana Notturni, creating moving holographic images of great emotional impact, which allow the viewer to explore the artworks in self-propelled motion.

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